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For 20 years, we've been trying to pull you out of the monotony of everyday life and into the playground of outdoor sports, where there's only one thing that matters. You! We do this by producing quality content that's updated daily and packed with fun and laughs. Thank you for "travelling" with us so far, we hope you'll stay with us for the next 20 years!


Launched in 2010, the thematic blog informs readers on a daily basis about what is happening in the Tatras, the most important events of our days and the past, and current events. From 2023, as a partner of Mozgásvilág, it is operated by Mozgásvilág.


Only the best of the best

We could sum up our work as "all that is outdoor", or we could sing its praises for hours. Following the tried and tested golden mean, we'll summarise the most important services offered by Mozgásvilág in a few points.


We sit on it, turn it on, pick it up, press it, drink it, eat it, sweat it and tell you - and even show you on our YouTube channel - who it's good for, what it's good for and why..

Tours, routes

200+ cycling and 600+ hiking trail and also running trail tips with downloadable GPS track, photos and testimonials. If you want to get started, you'll find something to suit you.

Bike maps

Detailed online maps of the cycle routes around the largest Hungarian lakes (Lake Balaton, Lake Fertő, Lake Tisza, Lake Velence), cycle routes and the entire network of cycle paths in Budapest.

Training Plans

Goal-oriented training plans, exercises from professional coaches, presented by renowned athletes, with detailed (pictorial and textual) exercise demonstrations..

Snow report, ski areas

Up-to-date snow report and ski resort information, ski pass prices, snow safety data from past years, 30-day snowfall variation chart and a ski slope toplist for individual criteria.

Event calendar

One of the most detailed collections of sporting events. If you're in the mood for some exercise but don't know where and when to find good company, browse our regularly updated calendar.

Exclusive interviews

Personal, exclusive interviews with living legends and established figures in the outdoor world.


Our weekly newsletter is delivered to an ever-expanding reader base, featuring ONLY interesting content. The readership is divided into target audiences according to their interests. These target audiences are: running, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, skiing and winter sports, snow report and followers of Magas-Tá The different groups vary in size, from a database of a few thousand people to a cycling database of around 25 000. In 2022, our most effective paid newsletter (EDM) had a click-through rate of 18.5%.

Example: Bringaliftet tettünk az autónkra!

YouTube & TikTok

If you'd rather watch a movie - we produce 60-70 videos a year, 5-15 minutes long. We test, travel, analyse important topics... As we prioritise video content and also try to cater to a younger audience, it was a no-brainer to run a TikTok account alongside our YouTube channel.

In 2022, the total number of videos on our YouTube channel had a reach of around 8 million and the total number of views of the videos was around 800,000. Our most popular Tik Tok video had 143,000 views, with 31.5% of them watching it all the way through.

Facebook & Instagram

Our Facebook account has 55,000+ followers who reward our exciting posts with their activity. In 2022, the most effective FB post reached 61,000 users and generated over 5,000 click-throughs.

We have a dedicated Facebook group for mountaineering enthusiasts, called Hóhatár, which is also receiving international attention. With 8200+ members, it is the largest such group in Hungary.

The FB page of the thematic blog Magas-Tá serves 20 000+ Tatra enthusiasts.


We cooperate with the most important players of the Hungarian running, cycling and outdoor market to help our readers to get to know and find the products and services that are interesting for them. In addition to the domestic tourism sector, we also have a long-standing and successful cooperation with the tourist offices of the most beautiful regions of the surrounding countries. If you feel that your company or your brand could be one of them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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